Life of a Tourist

This animation was created on Tacky Tourist Tuesday during homecoming spirit week at school. 

The tourist theme got me thinking about traveling. My parents have taken my siblings and I on a myriad of fascinating vacations over the years; we’ve gone all over the United States, Europe, and stopped in Canada a couple times.  I love traveling and feel comfortable in airports because we have flown so much. I love to try new foods and experiences whenever I am away from home.

 The people I have met while abroad, even if we don’t speak the same language, have welcomed me into their country with open arms. I have so much respect for people living in cities with heavy tourism industries because they are forced to deal with people from all over the world that do not know their country’s customs or cultures. 

Traveling offers me a new view of the world at each place I visit. Emerging myself in a variety of cultures has taught me to accept that many of the world’s people are different from me – and that’s okay. 


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