Calm After the Storm

Rain is a funny thing. Elusion is virtually impossible out in the open. The droplets land on your hair, your shirt, your hands. Then the downfall begins to intensify. The water beats down on your face, the liquid seeping into your shoes and then your socks. The feeling becomes uncomfortable and undesirable. 

A storm is even worse. Lightning, thunder, and flooding are ever present. This isn’t a light rain shower; this is worse. It tears up plants, makes it dangerous to drive, and forces you to take refuge inside. 

But when the monster ceases to exist, a peace arrives. This calm is like no other. Petrichor fills the air; the aroma is inescapable. Puddles are scattered about and the chilly, damp atmosphere surrounds you, forcing itself into your lungs. The storm is over and all is still and silent. A rainbow glows over the area. 

This is life. A storm comes. A death or a lost relationship or a bad diagnosis or a betrayal or a depression. Culminating at what seems to be the worst that it could ever be, it hits you like a truck. But afterwards, after it happens and you’ve seen it and felt it and it’s over, a peace comes. There’s nothing more to fear. The rainbow and the peace are what comes after the worst point in a bad situation. Firm and resolute, the peace tells you that it is over and you are safe. 

Bad things happen, but there are always better times ahead, and they teach you to appreciate what is around you. 


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