After dinner in Fullerton with some family, I stumbled across this wall of stickers and ads for bands. 

The poster that stood out the most to me was the concert ad at the bottom right of the picture – saying ELEPHANT STONE FATAL JAMZ KONTROL. 

Do these bands have a purpose in misspelling the words in their names? Elephant Stone, of course, is not misspelled; however, I thought it was a bizarre enough combination for it to achieve a spot on the list. 

Did the bands believe they would get more attention this way? Did they think someone would hear “Fatal JamZ” and go, “Hey, I wanna go see them perform!”? 

What were they thinking? And most of all, what is so special about ELEPHANT and STONE that they had to be combined? Did the rockers simply like elephants and stones? Did these objects have some sort of significance to the group? Or did the words sound so good together that they achieved the status of the band’s name?

No matter what the answer to these questions, I will not be attending their concert – 21+ and 9PM are not my deal nowadays. 


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