Recently, my class analyzed a source. This was an article in the LA Times about how the losing candidate of the 2016 presidential race must accept their loss and convince their supporters to stand behind the president in order to create a unified nation. 

The article proceeded to elaborate upon this, stating that if the unsuccessful candidate does not do this, it could create much strife. 

Disclaimer: I don’t support either of these candidates. I haven’t really paid attention to this election due to the strange and somewhat ridiculous events that have occurred on both sides of the presidential race. 

This article pointed out that Donald Trump claimed he might not even accept the fact that he lost, if it came to that. This made me laugh – how can a man (or woman) desiring to lead our country even suggest he wouldn’t accept it? Would he simply take over our country even if our votes decided against this? Would he cry like a baby? What could he mean by this statement? 

I am baffled. If a citizen claims to be a qualified candidate, they must display behavior that qualifies them for such a position – this includes what a person says. Everybody makes mistakes, but public figures must make less mistakes in public in order to be respected. This is an unfortunate truth. It is my hope that, if he loses, he accepts his defeat and follows what the article’s author points out – to bring the country together with a mature reaction.


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