Lost In the Moment

On Saturday night my friends and I danced for three hours straight. We attended a double birthday party with a wooden polished wooden dance floor and a hip DJ. Dancing was the only activity available to guests, besides the lifesize Jenga set in the back corner of the barely lit (by lasers) room. 

We got down and showed off our moves, taking periodic breaks to chug water or run to the restroom. Our legs burned and we were covered in sweat. 

When the night came to an end, we said good bye and sped home. I was still tired and wondered how many calories I could have burned from that much activity. I googled it, and discovered my answer. 

According to an article from Fitness Blender (and other sites), hip-hop dancing burns about 370 calories per hour. I am going to assume my dancing was closest to this style. In total, I burned approximately 1100 calories at my friends’ party! 

The funny thing is, I didn’t even think about dancing as excercise. I was simply in the moment, having fun with my friends. That’s the best kind of experience – when you don’t think about things like calories, all you care about is enjoying the party!


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