Google It

During Thanksgiving Break, I interviewed my grandma about important people in her life and the stories they had told. One point in he interview really stood out to me – how her mother told her brother and her about her experience with the Jesse James gang. 

My grandma lived on a farm growing up, and so did my great grandmother. My great grandmother “used to tell the story of the Jesse James gang, going through [their] farm long ago. They had robbed a bank in Northfield Minnesota. They finally got caught up with…in [she thought] Missouri.” “You’ll have to google it,” she told me. 

And google I did. According to Britannica , the gang actually failed to rob the bank in Northfield. Jesse and his brother Frank were the only bandits to make it away safe. Jesse and his brother had assumed new names and had taken refuge at Saint Jospeh Missouri. Jesse was assassinated by Robert Ford. Frank eventually turned himself in and was found not guilty to all of the charges held against him. He lived a quiet farm life following his trials. 

I was fascinated by this and honestly glad that I took my grandma’s advice – just google it – because so learned something brand new that was important to her childhood. 


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