Crossing the Line

“This is our stronghold,” Romero said. “They will not cross this line.”

The L.A. Times’ article depicting the ongoing struggle in North Dakota represents both sides of the issue. However, the natives protesting to protect their land have a much more emotional case – helping to sway readers such as myself. 

As Romero stated, the peaceful protestors are set on keeping their land from infiltration of a business prospect on holy grounds. His quote, however, brings us around to another topic – different, yet relatable to the topic at hand. 

“They will not cross this line.” A powerful statement given by a man with faith and traditions that are worth fighting for. The article tells us that “Energy Transfer and the state of North Dakota appear determined to build right up to the water’s edge.” This group is so driven to succeed that they are standing on the very edge of the line the protestors have drawn. 

This is common in life. People draw lines that they do not cross; they demand respect, for themselves and for their beliefs and lifestyles. When others cross these lines, relationships are broken and lost. 

Will North Dakota and Energy Transfer risk the disrespect of ancient lands and traditions and cross the line that has been drawn?


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