Solving the Problem

It has come to the attention of many that a large portion of students cannot tell reliable sources from those that are not. 

This can be taken as a bad sign – that they will never learn, be able to write reliable papers, and will believe anything they see on the internet. However, this can be perceived as an opportunity to fix the situation at hand. 

Here we have an ever changing source available to most – the internet. People can use it to spread truth or to simply spread lies or confuse others. Students were a part of a wide study to see if they could determine if an article was reliable or not – and many struggled to do so. This shows that many are ill-informed on the signs of advertisements or studies that should not be trusted. 

This point brings us to the next point. If we have this problem, we should not put down the current generation – it is the previous generation that failed to adapt or inform the younger group of how to make informed decisions regarding the Internet. We should then educate students so that this problem no longer presents itself in our school systems. With this, students will be able to improve their skills and there would no longer be the issue of believing everything you see on the internet. 


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