Chasing Dreams

Newsweek’s John Walters writes an article about a girl that made it big in the new film, La La Land. 

This article describes the journey of Angela Parrish – the girl that sings the opening number of the new hit film that won 7 Golden Globes. It reveals her hardships and the way her passion began. One day, she simply asked her parents for a piano. Her dream of performing brought her all over the world, to perform in various places and eventually land he role previously mentioned. 

Her travels, however, came with tribulations as well. She moved around the world. She was rejected many times. Record producers often told her she would never make it. It is her viewpoint and positivity, however, that carried her through to where she is now. 

Parrish’s resounding positivity has helped her through many a setback – and shows us that we must adopt the same tone when sprinting after our dreams. 

Parrish is something of a dream. She worked incredibly hard and finally landed a role in a huge movie. Although our stories will not be the same, we must insist on living out our lives in a similar manner. Never give up. Never let go. Always push yourself to be the best you can be. 


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