Did you know most of the food at grocery stores is thrown out after a certain period of time? Did you know this food isn’t even bad, but laws prevent stores from donating or continuing to sell the food.  This is a disgrace. These laws make absolutely no sense! It would make much more sense to test when the food goes bad – and if money-spending people want the highest quality food in their stores, the food that is a little older should be donated. We often hear that hunger and malnutrition is common in developing countries, but it is … Continue reading


Have you ever wondered why you hear different versions of popular songs? Sometimes up-and-coming bands take an old, popular song, and make their own “cover.” Take Steve Miller Band’s “Abracadabra” (Abracadabra) – covered by a few lesser known artists, as well as the rock group Sugar Ray, it has become a huge hit in the U.S.  Sometimes when I am searching for music, I happen upon the cover before I find the original of a song. This presents the quandary of whether the original is best, and whether its covers can even begin to trump the former. For example, I … Continue reading Abracadabra

Crossing the Line

“This is our stronghold,” Romero said. “They will not cross this line.” The L.A. Times’ article depicting the ongoing struggle in North Dakota represents both sides of the issue. However, the natives protesting to protect their land have a much more emotional case – helping to sway readers such as myself.  As Romero stated, the peaceful protestors are set on keeping their land from infiltration of a business prospect on holy grounds. His quote, however, brings us around to another topic – different, yet relatable to the topic at hand.  “They will not cross this line.” A powerful statement given by … Continue reading Crossing the Line

7 grams

This granola bar only has 7 grams of sugar. 7 grams! I can’t believe it. Can you believe it? How? How is it possible? This granola bar is the Salted Caramel flavor. How can a healthy snack be so sweet? Are they hiding facts from me? Would the FDA allow that? Do they even know? I am becoming paranoid? Will paranoia overtake me? I simply wanted to enjoy my snack and know how it is possible to contain only 7 grams of sugar. It’s sweeter than a candy bar! Did they put candy in it? What am I missing?  7 … Continue reading 7 grams

To converse with the greats

“To converse with the greats by trying their blindfolds on” – Vera Pavlova The greats – who are they? What makes them great? Assuming that greats are the great people in the world – leaders, dreamers, doers, heroes – these greats often endure more than the average human. They feel obliged to be courageous, extraordinary, and original.  If we are average, we often do not understand what these greats experience – how they still struggle with these challenges because they have limitations just the same as you or me.  If we truly want to converse with the greats – having … Continue reading To converse with the greats


After dinner in Fullerton with some family, I stumbled across this wall of stickers and ads for bands.  The poster that stood out the most to me was the concert ad at the bottom right of the picture – saying ELEPHANT STONE FATAL JAMZ KONTROL.  Do these bands have a purpose in misspelling the words in their names? Elephant Stone, of course, is not misspelled; however, I thought it was a bizarre enough combination for it to achieve a spot on the list.  Did the bands believe they would get more attention this way? Did they think someone would hear … Continue reading ELEPHANT STONE FATAL JAMZ KONTROL