“No” is a hard word to say sometimes. I’ve learned I need to tell my dog no when she bites me or jumps up to try and eat my food.  In Gilmore Girls, Rory’s father has trouble saying no to his daughter. His fear that she will disobey him or she will not be happy causes him to not discipline her properly. He eventually realizes that his lack of discipline has turned her into a monster. He begins to discipline her and she is still happy, but obeys him now.  The point is, it may be hard to say no, … Continue reading No

Lightening Rod

“Celebrities are lightning rods in a literal sense. The real work of combating bigotry is handled not by groovy street theatrics but by the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who march and protest and call their legislators.” – Ginia Bellafante Shia LaBeouf and the Pitfalls of Celebrity Activism Shia Lebouf’s attempt to show the strength of the nation in times of division only led to more exemplification of said division. Celebrities attract the attention of all, and like the quotes thought above expressed to us, the real work that is done is by the general population. Positive or negative, … Continue reading Lightening Rod

More Play = Less Stress

More play = less school = less anxiety and depression = less young adult and child suicide = more trust = more freedom = more creativity and active learning.  The TED Talk on The Decline of Play and Rise of Mental Illness bings up great points. Play is imperative to a child’s development and success in later life. One point that was very apparent was the effect of school on children’s early lives. School brings an entire new stress to the attention of today’s generation.  The speaker brought up the point that we do not need more school – we … Continue reading More Play = Less Stress

Chasing Dreams

Newsweek’s John Walters writes an article about a girl that made it big in the new film, La La Land.  This article describes the journey of Angela Parrish – the girl that sings the opening number of the new hit film that won 7 Golden Globes. It reveals her hardships and the way her passion began. One day, she simply asked her parents for a piano. Her dream of performing brought her all over the world, to perform in various places and eventually land he role previously mentioned.  Her travels, however, came with tribulations as well. She moved around the world. She … Continue reading Chasing Dreams

Solving the Problem

It has come to the attention of many that a large portion of students cannot tell reliable sources from those that are not.  This can be taken as a bad sign – that they will never learn, be able to write reliable papers, and will believe anything they see on the internet. However, this can be perceived as an opportunity to fix the situation at hand.  Here we have an ever changing source available to most – the internet. People can use it to spread truth or to simply spread lies or confuse others. Students were a part of a … Continue reading Solving the Problem

Crossing the Line

“This is our stronghold,” Romero said. “They will not cross this line.” The L.A. Times’ article depicting the ongoing struggle in North Dakota represents both sides of the issue. However, the natives protesting to protect their land have a much more emotional case – helping to sway readers such as myself.  As Romero stated, the peaceful protestors are set on keeping their land from infiltration of a business prospect on holy grounds. His quote, however, brings us around to another topic – different, yet relatable to the topic at hand.  “They will not cross this line.” A powerful statement given by … Continue reading Crossing the Line